Certified Pre Owned Car


When you buy a certified pre-owned ("CPO") car from a dealer, you are expecting a car that is in excellent condition and that has been well-cared for.  You may have even paid a higher price for the assurance that comes from having a certified pre-owned car.  

  Unfortunately, many people later discover that their certified pre-owned vehicle isn't what they thought it was. Many certified pre-owned cars have undisclosed accident damage or other defects that make them ineligible for certified status.  Contrary to popular belief, these claims aren't covered by the Connecticut Lemon Law, which applies to New Cars, but buyers still have rights under the law.  

It is common for some dealers to hide or alter the vehicle history report in order to keep you from knowing about previous accident damage. Sometimes, the accident does not appear on the CarFax report because the accident was not reported to the other owner's  Most certified pre-owned programs do not allow cars that have accident history to be included in the program.

Other people may have bought a certified pre-owned car that is having other, non-accident related problems.  Issues like a leaking sunroof, poor alignment, and malfunctions in electronic components all may render a car ineligible for CPO status.  The dealer may have been able to hide these problems when you test drove the car, only for you to discover them weeks or months later.

If you bought a certified pre-owned car and later discovered that it had serious problems, you may be able to give the car back to the dealer and get a full refund, or receive a partial refund that reflects the actual value of the car.  

In most cases, our consumer protection lawyers are able to help with no out of pocket costs to the client.  This is because many of the laws affecting auto dealers make them responsible for paying the attorney's fees if the consumer wins the case.  

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